Podmork N8_003Podmork N8_003

Disponibile/Available – Contattami/Contact me: podmork@podmork.com or on Skype: Khu.Scalet

Available – Contact me: podmork@podmork.com or on Skype: Khu.Scalet

3 thoughts on “Podmork N8_003Podmork N8_003

  1. If there’s a leftward slant in education then replacing a portion of the bias with new blood is good. I graduated in 1990 and didn’t notice a lean one way or the other, but I was working on engineering. Not a lot of national or international politics in engineering education :)I just hope we don’t see a large backlash and suddenly end up with a strong right bias. Education, ideally, would be ideologically neutral (good luck!) and challenge the students preconceptions.

  2. show us the achievements of balewa, gowon, shagari, buhari, ibb, obj, shonekon, abdul salam and I will accept as a fact, your watery comment that Jonah has failed-were we having constant light, water, roads, health facilites and secuirty b4 his arrival in 2011? Have we stopped depending on the oil resources of the SS-or may be buhari has ended his support for boko haram–dont forget boko haram came out in 2003 when obj was in power! via Yobe state. Buhari launched his politcal ambition in 2003. The same time with boko haram

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